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EU Restrictions Against Christians, "Occupied Palestine," and Israel's possible strike against Iran

Jimmy DeYoung discusses the European Union's Parliament's recent "Wish List" of laws that would prohibit Christian churches, schools, and organizations from having control over who can and cannot be a member with Dr. Rob Congdon. Imagine a satanist demanding to take the Lord's Supper at your local church - and the police enforcing the satanist's "right" to do so.

Jimmy talks with Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis about Israel's potential "at any moment" attack against Iran and their nuclear program. Will the United States under Barack Obama stand by Israel if they do this attack?

The Palestinian Authority is blaming Israel for the horrid conditions in what they are calling "Occupied Palestine". What is Palestine? Has there ever been a nation called that? Jimmy gets the answers from David Dolan.

And then, as always, Jimmy takes a look at the Book to get a prophetic prospective on current events in light of Biblical prophecy.

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