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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2009

During World War II, the Nazi party under the iron fist of Adolf Hitler, slaughtered over 6,000,000 Jews in the horrific campaign of terror known as the Holocaust. In that deplorable act, the Nazis eliminated 1 out of 3 Jewish people on the face of the earth at that time.

To call to remembrance that horrid time in world history, the nation of Israel comes to a complete stand still once a year. Jimmy DeYoung asks Middle East Correspondent David Dolan, who was in the Jewish Nation on Holocaust Remembrance Day, to recount his experience of this moving event.

Jimmy then talks to European Union Correspondent, Dr. Rob Congdon, about the state of Anti-Semitism in Europe, and if the Holocaust could ever be repeated.

Dr. Renald "Rennie" Showers then discusses why God would allow such horror to happen to His Chosen People - and, why God will allow far worse to happen in the Tribulation.

Jimmy then brings all of these thoughts into biblical focus while taking a look at the Book and giving the prophetic prospective on the Holocaust and current events in light of God's Word.

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